Lets Go Places

‚Let’s go places Davos‘ will take you back to Davos in its 1960ies. This short promotional film is regarded as a jewel and believe it or not, the film producer and director was also the building owner of the house ‘Safari’ …


The convalescence of Hugo Richter, who was the first spa guest that suffered from tuberculosis, turned Davos in a world-famous climate spa.


On March 27, after his convalescence, J.C. Coesters, a Parisian merchant, bought a piece of land size 820 square fathom (2630 sqm) at a price of CHF 8706. On May 1 he laid the foundation stone for the Grand hotel Belvédère.


The construction of the railway line Landquart-Davos helped to speed up the touristic development of the health resort /spa town.


During world war I some 2500 German soldiers received medical treatment at the Davos clinics.


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner moved from Berlin to Davos, where he lived until he died.


Dr. Paul Müller founded the Davos Hockey Club who is Championship leader with so far 29 Swiss Championship titles won.


At the ‚Bolgen‘ the first T-bar worldwide was put into operations with a length of 300m.


February 4 medical student David Frankfurter killed Hillhelm Gustloff (NSDAP country leader) by shooting him.


Davos opened up its aerial passenger line from Weissfluhjoch to Weissfluhgipfel and made the highest peak in the Parsenn area accessible.


Helene Fischer produced the film ‚Let’s Go Places Davos‘.

Helene Fischer was raised in Schaffhausen. Her family name ‘Fischer’ traces back to the Georg-Fischer-Plants. Hence she came from a good family and therefore was very wealthy.
Originally she came to Davos for skiing. But not only was she taken by the ski slopes but also by the Davos mountain air. So in the early fifties she had a house built in Davos where she went on vacation time and again. Helene Fischer went on many journeys in the course of one year and paid every continent of this world a visit. She went big game hunting in Africa and Alaska which was very remarkable for a woman at that time. Hence it is by no means surprising that she called her house in Davos ‘Safari’ (!).

Helene Fischer also mixed with the artistic environment. She maintained well-established relations within the film business – way beyond the frontiers – and produced ambitious films, most notably early fifties. It is unsurprising to find names such as Gerald Mohr or Thor Brooks in the end titles. The former took part in 50 radio programs, 73 films and over 100 TV shows, predominantly American productions. The New Yorker’s voice lent the film ‘Let’s go places’ a pathos of famous Hollywood documentary.
Thor Brooks, the other common name, was a famous cutter in his lifetime. He contributed to Hollywood films such as ‘Rebel Rousers’ staring Jack Nicholson.
Also the cameraman, the German Heinz Hölscher, was well-known. He produced spectacular films such as ‘Josefine Mutzenbacher II – my 365 lovers’ as well as classy movies like ‘Winnetou and the half-breed Apanatschi’.

Abstract from the Video Booklet (Publisher: Stiftung Forum Davos www.edition-zauberberg.ch))